Workloads Optimization with HPCaaS

Posted: 30 Mar 2021

High Performance Computing-as-a-Service (HPCaaS) allows to run intensive simulations without building their own HPC cluster or data centers or leasing time on a shared supercomputer cluster. One well documented advantage of HPCaaS over on-Premise is the reduction of the CAPEX investment needed to run HPC simulations and workloads.

With atNorth’s HPCaaS solution – hpcflow – you can go beyond savings and increase your productivity substantially.

HPCaaS is more than just a cost control exercise. Choosing to outsource your HPC infrastructure might allow you to maximize each simulation cycle, giving you the chance to extract deeper insights more quickly, maximizing your investment beyond CAPEX savings.

Accelerate simulation results

On-premise limitations can often restrict when running simulations.

The scope of a simulation may need to be scaled down because the current HPC environment cannot handle the volumes of data.

Alternatively, simulations may take too long to execute, delaying time to market and reducing potential returns on investment.

With HPCaaS, these limitations can be lifted without capital investment. You can specify your simulation environment, balancing budget against computational expectations to access the processing power required to deliver simulation results faster and more efficiently.

Maximize use of simulation software licenses

Simulation software licenses are expensive, and you must maximize the value of each of them. By deploying them in an HPCaaS environment, you can leverage enough resources to ensure they are all in use at all times. Meaning you can run more simulations more often, extracting more value from your licenses.

Fully expandable infrastructure

HPCaaS offers additional scalability as the demands of your simulations change. You can increase capacity in line with the complexity of your simulations with a click and boost your size of HPC or AI cluster for more performance. We can ensure that you have not only the required processing power to complete the modelling exercise, but also to generate the results you need faster.

Simulations do not always scale upwards however, working with atNorth HPCaaS specialists they can help remove bottlenecks and improve scaling of the simulation applications. The flexibility of hpcflow allows you to scale your HPCaaS footprint downwards when required, so you still have the power you need to complete simulations quickly and efficiently – without paying for capacity you don’t need.

Sustainable by design

Migrating to the hpcflow allows you to balance your high-performance computing needs against your corporate social responsibility targets. Our HPCaaS and data centers are built with sustainability in mind, drawing power from renewables, and using ambient cold air for cooling racks.

Partnering with atNorth for HPCaaS ensures that carbon footprint reductions and other green targets and obligations will not limit your simulation program.

Power, performance, scalability and availability

Accelerating cycle and outcomes is almost entirely dependent on having access to sufficient HPC resources that have been fully optimized for your simulation software. Maintaining HPC infrastructure in-house is a significant CAPEX overhead. Adopting HPCaaS from atNorth allows you to switch to an OPEX model, freeing resources for other projects and increasing the flexibility of your operations.

atNorth takes care of managing and optimizing the HPC infrastructure you need, so that you can focus all of your resources and attention on the simulations, maximizing your return on investment.

For more help and advice about accelerating your computer simulations with hpcflow from atNorth, please get in touch.

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