HPC Profile: Staffan Hansson, HPC Sales Specialist Saying Yes with atNorth

Posted: 30 Aug 2018

For our latest HPC Team Profile, we caught up with our HPC Sales Specialist, Staffan Hansson.

As a Sales Specialist you have one key goal: to find your customers their ideal solution. As Staffan knows only too well, all customers are different, so a one-size-fits-all approach just won’t work. You need flexibility, an array of services and solutions, and the expertise to consult with your customer to ensure you are recommending the right tool for them. This is exactly what Staffan had at his disposal when he joined Advania Data Centers in 2017, and it was this ability to offer HPC in a different way that first drew him to our company.

“Prior to joining ADC, I spent 12 years with a more traditional on-prem HPC provider. Yet often when I was speaking with customers they’d have questions like: Can you host this for us? Can you manage the cluster? Can we rent it for a certain period of time? In that role, unfortunately I often had to say no to those types of questions. But when I was introduced to ADC, I saw that if I joined them I’d be able to start saying yes.”

Staffan believes one of our greatest strengths come from our broad portfolio, including our HPCFLOW Cloud, on-prem solutions, hybrid solutions, co-location and system management. Unlike most competitors, who are only able to offer part of the story, here at Advania Data Centers, we are a total solutions provider with control over our whole offering, from owning our own high-performance data centers to our experienced team of engineers and HPC experts, as well as an excellent partner eco-system including HPE, Intel and UberCloud.

Staffan envisions even more flexibility in our future.

“The HPC market is maturing every day and at ADC we are always looking for new ways to make life easier for our clients and to help them in their daily work. Whilst we have an array of solutions available today, I imagine we will have even more flavors further down the line. This is something we are already starting to see with our customers in Scandinavia being able to test how GPU acceleration impacts their standard HPC, AI and deep learning workloads through our role as NVIDIA’s Nordic Test Drive Center.”

Having held various positions within the HPC space, from systems integrator to pre-sales, Staffan has the unique perspective that he can see each challenge from all sides. He is driven by a need to get the most for our customers, helping them to get a better return, whether that’s from their system, engineers or their software.

“It’s exciting to see the different ways in which we’re able to reach our customers now. A fantastic example of this is our partnership with software providers such as Numeca and ANSYS, where we’re able to help them to provide a complete package to their users.”

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