HPC Profile: Jón Þór Kristinsson, Technical Director

Posted: 29 Jun 2018

June has been an exciting and busy month for our team, from ISC 2018 to the launch of our SaaS for ANSYS offering and webinar. With so many highlights, we are thrilled to continue our HPC Team Profile series by catching up with Jón Þór Kristinsson, our Technical Director, who has been a driving force behind Advania Data Centers’ developments since he joined our team.

Like Hans Rickardt, the focus of our first Profile in this series, Jón Þór is a font of HPC knowledge – but it is his extensive expertise of cloud computing and automation that sets him apart and has secured his position as the Advania Data Centers’ authority on all things cloud.

As an experienced Devops Engineer, holding positions such as Senior Deployment Engineer with GreenQloud (acquired by NetApp), Jón Þór is exceptionally adept at building and deploying public and private cloud environments. He also has experience working with APIs and building self-service portals. It was this experience that drew Jón Þór to Advania Data Centers and made him the perfect addition to our highly skilled team.

“Advania Data Centers has let me take my vast cloud knowledge to the next level, giving me the opportunity to explore how cloud computing could be applied to HPC,” noted Jón Þór.

Joining our team on the ground floor, Jón Þór has had ample opportunity to put his stamp on ADC, working on projects from scratch. In fact, Jón Þór was the catalyst behind the design of our HPCaaS model – now known as HPCFLOW – and created a solid and long-lasting foundation which could grow with us and provide the basis on which new solutions, such as our new SaaS for ANSYS solution, could be built.

With a strong career history within HPC and having helped shape Advania Data Centers, we were, of course, keen to know what Jón Þór had to say about the future of HPC.

“We can definitely see a movement toward the containerization of HPC and Platform-as-a-Service offerings, which is set to continue. We are very well placed in this respect and are set to be at the forefront of this trend. One of Advania Data Centers’ key strengths is our expert HPC Team, and this is where some of our best ideas come from. Unlike more traditional Cloud Service Providers, who typically look to their customers to tailor and modify their solutions themselves, our solutions are purpose-built for HPC, by experts in the field,” observes Jón Þór.

Something that we have always known but is exceptionally clear when speaking to Jón Þór, is that each member of our HPC Team has their own unique pool of knowledge that is instrumental to ADC, allowing us to cover all possible fields and support the full HPC lifecycle, from planning to production and beyond.

If you are interested in joining this dynamic and ground-breaking team, why not find out more about the HPC Sales Specialist role we are currently recruiting for. For more information and details on how to apply, please read the job post here.