HPC Profile: Hans Rickardt, HPC Technical Director – Nordics

Posted: 7 Jun 2018

Here at Advania Data Centers, we pride ourselves on the highly skilled team we have developed. From our HPC experts, to our board and our support staff, every one of our in-house heroes helps drive forward the Advania Data Centers vision and optimises the personable, consultative service we are renowned for. To give you the opportunity to get to know our team a little better, we’ve created the spotlight on series.

This month our HPC Technical Director, Hans Rickardt, celebrated his two-year anniversary as an instrumental part of the Advania Data Centers team. We couldn’t think of a better way to kick off the series than by sitting down with Hans.

You only need to spend a few moments with Hans to understand that he eats, sleeps and breathes HPC. It’s not only his extensive career history that shows this – although the pivotal roles he’s held, from Solutions Architect to Technical Consultant, for the likes of HPE and GoVirtual, are impressive in their own right – but even the decades of experience and deeply technical background are surpassed by the enthusiasm and passion that shines through with every word.

With such a stellar resumé and a robust network within the HPC industry, Hans not only boasts a profound knowledge of high performance computing but he also understands the intricacies that set Advania Data Centers apart.

“In many HPC as a Service (HPCaaS) models, the customer is isolated, often only interacting with a website or self-service portal and lacking the guidance of an HPC expert. Advania Data Centers operate in a completely different way. We collaborate with the customer, truly understanding their needs and their pain points, and configuring an optimised bare metal solution that is tailored to them.” notes Hans.

But it’s not just the service and support that set ADC apart; “ HPCFLOW is purpose built for HPC by HPC Specialists. This means it was engineered with high performance and scalability in mind, leveraging bare metal servers, high speed interconnects and fast storage solutions.” adds Hans.

Historically, HPC was concentrated in universities, large enterprises and organisations with the need and, more importantly, the capital to invest in a high-performance solution. However, today, with easily consumable offerings like HPCFLOW Flex, even small to medium businesses can benefit from HPC, whether that’s accommodating business peaks, cutting down time-to-market or levelling the playing field and being able to compete on a knowledge basis rather than by financial muscle.

With the development of emerging data-intensive technologies, such as AI, this wider adoption of HPC is bound to continue. Having been selected as NVIDIA’s new Nordic Test Drive Center, Advania Data Centers is well placed to be at the forefront as Artificial Intelligence matures. ADC and NVIDIA’s new Nordic Test Drive Center has been founded in part to streamline the adoption of a technology that can deliver up to 10X higher performance than a CPU alone. GPUs have been widely adopted into the world’s fastest computers and are now being embraced by the wider HPC, AI and deep learning marketplace. As of the most recent Top500 list (Nov. 2017), all 15 of the world’s fastest supercomputers and 70% of the Top 50 are GPU accelerated.

Finally, we wanted to find out Hans’ secret to a long and successful career within HPC.

“I think that a knowledge of and interest in the low-level technologies is important. You want to build a robust understanding of applications, including how they behave, in to order to be able to construct a truly optimised solution for your customer.”

If you are interested in taking the next step in your HPC career, we have an exciting opportunity for an experienced and passionate HPC Sales Specialist to join Hans and the rest of our expanding team. For more information and details on how to apply, please read the job post here.