HPC Profile: Ómar Hermannsson, Senior HPC Engineer and Solution Architect Engineering the Future of HPC

Posted: 27 Sep 2018

Our current HPC Team Profile puts the spotlight on our Senior HPC Engineer and Solution Architect, Ómar Hermannsson.

Over the course of his professional career, Ómar has developed extensive knowledge of core systems, networking and cloud computing. While he has worked on a diverse range of projects – from designing firewall solutions to enabling visual effects for a Hollywood blockbuster to advancing Advania Data Centers’ cloud-based HPC offerings – throughout it all he has maintained a singular focus on fostering innovation.

As Advania Data Centers’ senior HPC engineer, Ómar today works closely with our HPC customers on projects of all sizes to ensure their success, specifically by helping them design their systems, deploy resources, automate processes, tune workloads and fix issues that come up. His expertise ensures all our customers – whether they are hosting their own HPC clusters, leveraging our colocation hosting environments or using our HPCFLOW cloud-based solution – have well-designed and flexible solutions that can meet their changing needs.

From the very beginning, one of the things that drew Ómar to Advania Data Centers was its culture. As a growing company entering the quickly-changing world of HPC, there was space to think outside the box in developing solutions – and rarely a dull moment. “The projects here are challenging in a good way,” notes Ómar. “I enjoy solving a good puzzle and there are endless opportunities to learn and grow.”

Looking ahead, Ómar sees many reasons to be excited about the future of HPC at Advania Data Centers and beyond. As HPC technology evolves to embrace more dynamic and elastic resource usage, cloud solutions like HPCFLOW that are dedicated to HPC-type workloads will play an increasingly important role. Ómar also expects that the need for intensive computational power will only continue to grow, driven by advancements in AI and machine learning as well as increased demand from a range of other industries. “As the technology evolves, there will be the potential to improve and simplify the current solutions and workflows that underpin HPC in ways that we can’t yet foresee,” says Ómar.

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