HPC Profile: Ægir Rafn Magnússon, Director of Business Development

Posted: 6 Aug 2018

We created our HPC Profile series as a way for you to get to know our HPC Team and, of course, Advania Data Centers, a little better. So, following a non-stop June, we wanted to slow things down this month and take a moment to reflect on our history, and what better way to look back than with our Director of Business Development and long-time Advania Data Centers veteran, Ægir Rafn Magnússon.

The backstory:

If Ægir were on Mastermind his specialist subject would be Advania! Having been with us from the very start, helping to develop the solutions available today, it is his knowledge of the company and deep understanding of our history and vision for the future that sets Ægir apart. Not only that but he brings a diverse range of skills, acquired from working in all aspects of the business, to the HPC team’s table.

With more than 12 years under his belt, Ægir has truly seen Advania Data Centers evolve into the company you see today and has been present for the business’ many milestones. Predating even Advania itself, Ægir’s ADC story began in 2006 when he joined Skýrr, selling IT Services. Come 2009, following a series of mergers of Icelandic, Norwegian and Swedish companies, Advania was born with Ægir being a key member of the team.

Just three years later, Advania needed to expand our data center footprint and decided to move away from six dispersed data holds across Iceland in favor of acquiring the Thor data center. This strategic move to one consolidated data center was very successful and allowed for a change in focus toward co-location and Tier 1 and 3 Data Center services. Since 2012, Ægir has seen Advania’s data center footprint and data consumption for services grow exponentially year on year.

More recently, in 2014, he was key in Advania establishing a robust relationship with HPE and constructing our HPC services. The last few years have seen, perhaps, the greatest change within the company, with Advania Data Centers becoming a dedicated subsidiary of Advania. Today, Advania Data Centers operates one of Europe’s largest data center campuses in Iceland, managing compute environments including HPC-as-a-Service, blockchain technologies and high-density compute, and Ægir continues to have an integral role in shaping ADC’s future.

The secret to a successful evolution: location, location, location

“A key factor in Advania Data Centers’ ability to grow was our location or, more specifically, how we leveraged its geographical potential for optimum data center performance. This meant we could create HPCFLOW – one of the most competitive HPC hosting, cloud HPC and HPC Software as a Service solutions in the world.” explains Ægir.

The benefits of Iceland are plentiful. From its robust and modern power infrastructure to its cost-competitive, reliable and 100% renewable electricity, and its subarctic climate that cuts data center cooling costs to extremely low levels, it is easy to see how Iceland has been rated the safest location in the world for data centers.

“With the emergence of new data-intensive trends, such as AI, demand for compute power continues to grow yet there is also increasing pressure for companies to be more environmentally friendly, driving the surge in demand for reliable, 100% renewable power,” adds, Ægir.

Not only are Advania Data Centers already extremely well placed to meet this increasing demand, but with Tier 3 capacity being added to the Mjölnir data center it will soon expand to 100 MW. This expansion will make Mjölnir the largest commercial data center in Europe and one of the largest worldwide!

To learn more about the advantages of Iceland and how Advania Data Centers puts this location to work for you, read our full article here.