atNorth selected by NVIDIA to operate Nordic GPU Test Drive Center

Posted: 25 Jun 2018

Advania Data Centers (ADC) announces the opening of the Nordic countries’ premier GPU Test Drive Center driven by NVIDIA Tensor Core GPUs.

Headquartered in Reykjavik, Iceland, Advania Data Centers operates one of the largest data center campuses worldwide and offers a range of services to power HPC and high-density computing needs, whether on-premises or in the cloud.

ADC operates the new GPU Test Drive center to offer application testing on GPU technology that can deliver up to 10X higher performance than a CPU alone. NVIDIA Tensor Core GPUs are now being embraced by broad sections of the HPC, AI and deep learning marketplace. For ADC, the GPU Test Drive center provides value-add by introducing the possibility of faster turnaround times for its customers’ complex computations.

For ADC, NVIDIA Tensor Core GPU-accelerated computing means higher performance and faster and more efficient use of HPC resources. As an example, according to NVIDIA benchmarking*, it takes three CPU-only servers running the computer-aided engineering programs SIMULIA® Abaqus or ANSYS® Fluent to achieve the same Abaqus or Fluent performance as just one such server equipped with a pair of NVIDIA® Tesla™ Tensor Core V100 GPUs.

ADC’s GPU Test Drive Center will provide users first-hand experience running their application stack with a similar configuration as their home HPC cluster — but with the addition of NVIDIA Tensor Core GPU accelerators like the NVIDIA Tesla V100. Test Drive participants access ADC’s HPC environment remotely, in a simulated run-time environment replicating their home HPC cluster. Then they can turn on NVIDIA Tensor Core GPU acceleration to discover what difference it makes for their standard HPC, AI and deep learning workloads.

“The ADC Test Drive Center enables companies to see how their applications behave,” says ADC’s HPC Sales Specialist Staffan Hansson. “Say you want to see how the air flows around a car. Your HPC application might use only CPUs to do that. But applications nowadays also add support for GPU accelerators, because that can be much faster. Before the customer buys the GPU accelerator, though, they want to try it out and see if it’s something for them. The Test Drive Center provides the perfect environment for that customer to take that test drive with the GPU accelerator.”

The Test Drive Center is physically located at ADC’s state of the art Thor Data Center in Iceland — an ISO 27001 certified facility, naturally cooled (with a PUE of 1.17) and powered by 100% green energy.

Apply for a Benchmark Test

To learn more about how ADC can accelerate your HPC, AI and deep learning applications with NVIDIA technology, visit ADC’s booth at ISC 2018 (BOOTH # H652) or apply for an ADC benchmark test or NVIDIA Tensor Core GPU Test Drive today.

* For specs and details of NVIDIA benchmark tests running SUMULIA® Abaqus and ANSYS® Fluent, cf. “Tesla V100 Performance Guide” (Nov. 2017) pp. 15-16.

About Advania Data Centers:

Advania Data Centers is a technology company headquartered in Reykjavik, Iceland with operations in Sweden, Norway, Germany and the United Kingdom. Advania Data Centers operates one of Europe’s largest datacenter campuses in Iceland, managing compute environments including HPC-as-a-Service, blockchain technologies and high-density compute. All are powered by renewable energy with a PUE rating starting at 1.03. Advania’s HPC team consists of experts that oversee the operation of HPC environments and HPC jobs of our customers, leading global companies in manufacturing, technology, and science among other industries.