atNorth Featured as a Top 10 HPC Solution Provider in CIO Applications

Posted: 29 Nov 2018

Advania Data Centers was thrilled to be included in CIO Applications Europe‘s annual issue featuring the Top 10 HPC Solution Providers.

For this feature, our CEO Eyjólfur Magnús Kristinsson sat down with the CIO Applications’ editorial team and shared his insights as to why he thinks cloud-based HPC is so powerful — and why an on-demand approach to HPC is the future. What he feels makes ADC unique is our company’s 360-degree approach. ADC operates one of Europe’s largest data center campuses and offers tailored solutions for colocation of data center services at different tiers. “Clients prefer Iceland for its abundant and affordable green energy coupled with the low power usage effectiveness (PUE) level that the climate guarantees,” points out Kristinsson. These factors, according to ASHRAE standards, are enormously convenient for optimal data center operation. Owing to increasing demands, ADC has recently tripled the company’s data center facilities and is now planning its first project outside of Iceland.

Adding value to these capabilities is ADC’s hybrid approach to HPC. ADC’s HPCFLOW service allows companies to run HPC clusters that can scale up or down as needed, without any CAPEX investment. ADC also offers a complete self-service portal which enables organizations to design their own HPC clusters and scale them up or down according to their requirements. In addition, the company delivers a combination of various service tiers to boost the efficiency and computational power of clients’ HPC applications while lowering cost.

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