Accelerating circular economy principles globally

atNorth were ahead of the curve in promoting sustainable business practices, having operated carbon-neutral data center services since our founding in 2010.

However, we know that reducing our carbon footprint to net zero is not enough. Communities and customers demand more. And to lead other businesses to reduce their environmental impact, it’s important for us to set an example. Our ambition is to work with our natural resources to reduce energy waste and provide future-proofed data center solutions that are cost-effective and minimize any environmental impact.

It is integral to atNorth’s mission that we aim to accelerate circular economic principles globally so that it is ingrained in smarter processes, infrastructure, and workplace culture. 

Our Sustainable Approach

100% renewable energy sources

The electricity that powers our data centers only comes from 100% renewable sources energy.

Power Efficiency

Our natural air-cooling systems that keep our data center facilties at the optimal temperature and humidity all while ensuring that energy use is minimized across our campuses.

Optimized Energy Efficiency

The heat generated in our data center facilities is used for house heating that passes on a big part of the electric energy that is used to power technology infrastructure as hot water that is used for central house heating systems. This increases the energy efficiency and lowers our customers TCO.

atNorth’s Climate Pledge

Encouraging sustainable operations

We are already operating in a climate-friendly manner through many of our initiatives (e.g. our partnership with Stockholm Exergi will leverage heat from compute infrastructure hosted in our data center campus in Stockholm to heat local housing in the capital) but we will continue to drive new innovations to deploy circular economy principles with future data center expansion.

We will keep seeking opportunities to innovate and deploy circular economy principles with future expansion and allowing our customers to deploy large compute in an environmentally responsible manner.

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Its just good business to be green

It is a commercial imperative now to act sustainably – and for customers wanting to futureproof their infrastructure – atNorth are leading the way in offering facilities that are operated to the highest possible environmental standards. Customers can be assured that hosting with atNorth safeguards regulatory compliance – avoiding any current or future penalties associated with the use of non-renewable energy, poor lifecycle management, or energy inefficiency.