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atNorth is one of the fastest growing colocation data center and HPC cloud provider in the Nordics. We help our customers with products and services in the areas of IT infrastructure data center hosting, data center services, HPC and AI Infrastructure as a Service and HPC and AI managed services. atNorth originates from the first data center to be established in Iceland in 2010, Thor DC which was acquired by the Advania Group and to become an independent company in 2017

From the start, atNorth has built services around sustainability and respectful use of resources to match sustainability with cost efficiency.

atNorth’s mission is that we aim to build a sustainable business that contributes to the local and global economy and take care of our community and our environment.

For Sustainability, Head North: Discover why BNP Paribas has chosen atNorth.

Our Sustainable Approach

100% renewable energy sources

The electricity that powers our data centers only comes from 100% renewable sources energy.

Read more about our Icelandic data centers ICE01, ICE02 as well as our Stockholm DC, SWE01.

Optimized Energy Efficiency

The heat generated in our data center facilities is used for house heating that passes on a big part of the electric energy that is used to power technology infrastructure as hot water that is used for central house heating systems. This increases the energy efficiency and lowers our customers TCO.

Power Efficiency

Our natural air-cooling systems keep our data center facilities at the optimal temperature and humidity all while ensuring that energy use is minimized across our campuses.

The use of renewable energy and promoting alternatives to the fuel economy have been part of atNorth’s DNA since its founding in 2010.

atNorth’s Climate Pledge

Encouraging sustainable operations

We already operate in a climate-friendly manner through many of our initiatives, but we will continue to drive new innovations to deploy circular economy principles with future data center expansion.

We will keep seeking opportunities to innovate with future expansion and allowing our customers to deploy large compute in a sustainable manner.

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iMasons Climate Accord

atNorth has joined the iMasons Climate Accord (ICA), a historic cooperative of companies committed to reducing carbon in digital infrastructure materials, products, and power.

This association brings together more than 70 companies within the industry to ensure carbon reduction is a strategic part of the global digital infrastructure. iMasons is a non-profit, professional association of technology and business leaders who represent over $150Bn in infrastructure projects in over 130 countries. 

atNorth’s Policies

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Should you have any questions regarding our Corporate Policies on Sustainability, please get in touch with our Sustainability Team.

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