atNorth and NUMECA make the most out of CFD Software-as-a-Service

Jul 14, 2020

Advania Data Centers’ (ADC) partnership with NUMECA International, a market leader in computational fluid dynamics (CFD), multiphysics and optimization, continues to enable the most challenging simulation and modeling workloads, helping design next-generation ships, aircraft and cars that are faster, safer and more energy-efficient.

A big challenge for customers seeking CFD applications as-a-Service to create breakthrough technologies is the limited number of vendors to choose from – market availability for this service is scarce.

In this context, NUMECA offers very advanced flow calculations, which are traditionally provided on-premise and on very dedicated equipment, as-a-Service or online. This cutting-edge compute flow environment is among the most innovative environments available on demand.

Biggest gains for everyone

The biggest benefit for clients of the ADC-NUMECA partnership is accessing more compute on demand at the same or lower cost than any other HPC-as-a-Service option. This is becoming increasingly important as compute intensive users search for ways to boost performance with minimal infrastructure and energy consumption while meeting sustainability goals and reducing carbon footprint.

Under the partnership NUMECA’s users can leverage Advania Data Centers HPC services and get all the additional compute power they need, when they need it, to run CFD calculations with the maximum efficiency, always.

Our partnership unlocks a turnkey platform for CFD on HPCaaS, enabling a complete solution for end customers. Additionally, since the solution is capable of hosting future NUMECA CFD solutions, there’s ample opportunity for more compute capacity on demand in the future.

How we do it

Independent software vendors like NUMECA need isolated and fully configurable HPCaaS clusters to power their innovative CFD software. The complexity of the application demands an elastic and extremely-performant HPC clusters on which to develop and test their solutions.

ADC’s hosted solutions offer a number of benefits that enable NUMECA to optimize its CFD applications for first-rate scalability, end-to-end security and configuration flexibility.

For accelerating workloads, ADC’s backend HPC infrastructure includes Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s Apollo server hardware powered by Intel® Select Solutions for HPC & AI Converged Clusters featuring 2nd Generation Intel® Xeon Platinum 9200 processors with Intel® Deep Learning Boost (Intel® DL Boost).

Once deployed on an ADC HPCaaS solution, NUMECA’s CFD application provides customers with a holistic, ready-to-use solution to execute their workloads. This CFD software package runs significantly faster on the Intel’s HPC platform because the combination of processor speed and multiple memory channels reduces barriers associated with memory-bound applications on different hardware platforms.

Additionally, ADC’s HPCaaS solutions are configurable down to the bare metal level, making it possible for NUMECA to configure every aspect of its dedicated cluster. In turn, NUMECA can optimize that cluster for its proprietary CFD application and ensure their end-customers have a tested solution for workloads in the cloud.

Apply today to run a benchmark of Numeca’s platform on our servers.

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