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atNorth offers Artificial Intelligence (AI) and High Performance Computing (HPC)‑as-a-Service solutions that are power innovation globally.

Our HPC & AI solution range from performance optimized and secure bare metal clusters that are ready to be deployed today to tailor made clusters that we design with our customers to meet their specific requirement.

Our team of HPC & AI operations experts are here to ensure the optimal operations of your clusters and maximum performance. 

Our HPC & AI solutions are all powered with renewable energy.

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Savings & ROI

Lowest prices on the market for a better return on investment. Find better prices? Challenge us!

Expert Support

Our Team of Experts is here to work with you hand in hand, to tune and help you maximize your application’s performance.


Multiple security features for compliance and complete piece of mind.

Faster Time to Market

Instant available HPC capacity to improve productivity from the get go”!

Sustainable Solutions

Decarbonizing your HPC by using 100% renewable energy powered solutions in our future-proof data centers.

Hybrid Colocation & HPCFLOW

Bring your own cluster and utilize atNorth’s abundant resources to expand.

atNorth HPC & AI — the home for all workloads

We help our Customers thrive, wherever ther’re coming from

On Premise Operators

Our customers that used to operate their clusters were seeking to limit the amount of management, maintenance and costly planning of the DC that gets quickly outdated with higher density or limits the growth with power and/​or space for innovative organizations that grow their computational power to outpace competition.

Hosted Cluster Operators

atNorth Customers that have hosted their clusters in a third-party DC comment on the access to Expert HPC & AI operations support and consulting that has resulted in higher uptime and resilience of clusters monitored by atNorth. Additional computational power available for bursting eliminates the fixed capacity.

Cloud Native Operators

atNorth Customers coming from the public cloud have been relieved by the support and knowledge provided by our expert team. This helps them both dramatically lower their cost of compute and the performance of the clusters that shortens the time to results from their computations without limiting the scalability they are used to in the public cloud. 

atNorth runs every framework but here are some of the most common ones from the GPUaaS Application Stack:

Our clusters are ideal for the following CAE/CAD applications:

Utilize atNorth’s partners ecosystem and get the latest CPU/GPU technologies; Intel, AMD EPYC, NVIDIA A100/H100 and more. 

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HPC & AI Services

Turnkey HPC & AI Clusters

Our HPC & AI as a Service offers customers the possibility of low-touch, worry-free GPU and CPU clusters powered with 100% renewable energy. We design, install and run your tailor-made cluster on the lastest technologies, provided it you as a service.

Tailor Made HPC & AI Clusters

atNorth’s infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) option; our clusters allow clients to consume flexible HPC & AI clusters on a predictable and transparent cost model.

HPC & AI Managed Services

As part of our data center services we can offer customers full management of your HPC & AI clusters located on our premises.

HPC is a crucial element of our business, and atNorth-powered HPC will be essential to our team in supporting the development of the next generation of fluid dynamics software and applications.”

- Marc Tombroff, Cadence Design Systems — VP Research & Development


atNorth’s HPC & AI zones offer excellent connectivity across the European market to fit each customer’s needs. From base access via the internet to dedicated high-speed fiber connections to all European connectivity hubs.

HPC & AI Partners

atNorth partners with leading companies in the HPC & AI field to bring you the best technologies available on the market
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Find out more about atNorth’s sustainable approach

We are committed to deliver sustainable, future-proof data center infrstructures. All our HPC & AI solutions as well as colocation services operate with certified 100% renewable energy and extreme power efficiency.

Harvest the abundant power of the Nordics today!

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