Worry free HPC & AI Clusters.

atNorth offers Artificial Intelligence (AI) and High-Performance Computing (HPC) ‑as a service solutions that are dedicated to empowering customers to execute HPC & AI operations as efficiently as possible. HPCFLOW is the name of our HPC on-demand platform. It’s different from mainstream cloud HPC solutions as it provides bare metal compute nodes for ultimate performance and allows organizations that use HPC & AI clusters to gain or maintain their competitive edge.

atNorth’s HPC & AI offerings range from the bare metal experience offering of HPC & AI Cluster as a service to the turnkey alternative that is HPC & AI as a service. In short, we offer a fully flexible solution to meet your business’s unique HPC needs. HPCFLOW clusters excel in terms of price performance and security control. All of this without affecting infrastructure scalability, while facilitating maximum compute efficiency and effectiveness to suit you.

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HPC & AI Services

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HPC & AI as a Service

Our HPCFLOW HPC & AI as a Service offers customers the possibility of low-touch, worry-free GPU and CPU clusters powered with 100% renewable energy. 

HPC & AI Cluster as a Service

atNorth’s infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) option, HPCFLOW clusters allow clients to consume flexible HPC & AI clusters on a predictable and transparent cost model. 

HPC & AI Managed Services

As part of our data center services we can offer customers full management of your HPC & AI clusters located on our premises.

Find out more about atNorth’s sustainable approach

We’re committed to sustainable data center and HPC & AI operations. All our HPC solutions and colocation services operate with 100% renewable energy and extreme power efficiency.

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HPC Infrastructure


atNorth operates under the ISO 27001 certification to ensure reliability and security. atNorth operates with resilient processes to facilitate reliable business continuity for customers and offers SLAs to fit the needs of customers. atNorth engineering teams work with customers on security compliancy such as access, authentication, user management, data redundancy and backup as well as encryption of data. Additionally, we offer rigid processes of cluster disk management post-use, verifiable destruction, and disk shipping upon customer request.


atNorth’s HPCFLOW zones offer excellent connectivity across the European market to fit each customer’s needs. From base access via the internet to dedicated high-speed fiber connections to all European connectivity hubs.

Support & Operations

atNorth’s HPC & AI engineering team supports our customers with operation, monitoring, maintenance, management, user support, and security at a level that fits our clients. From cluster and hosting operational services to full HPC & AI managed services, our dedicated engineering team can be available 24÷7÷365 to make sure our customers achieve their operational goals and deadlines.

HPC & AI Partners

As leading HPC & AI and colocation service providers, atNorth partners with many leading names in the HPC and computing field.