HPC & AI Cluster as a Service

atNorth’s infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) option, HPCFLOW clusters allow clients to consume flexible HPC & AI clusters with our cost-effective infrastructure. Benefit from a predictable and transparent cost structure whilst only needing to pay for what you use. With HPC & AI Cluster as a Service, this hardware-only offering means that customers can benefit from atNorth’s dedicated elastic clusters that allow for maximum flexibility to scale up or down to meet the requirements of seasonal workloads and innovative projects. 

For on premise HPC & AI Cluster operators, HPC & AI Cluster as a service means that customers do not have to disrupt the way they use HPC & AI clusters and adapt to cloud environments or complex software platforms but rather use their existing workflows without needing to manage hosting environments or hardware.

Customers using HPCFLOW HPC & AI Clusters as a Service combine the best of both worlds, public cloud flexibility and on premise performance and cost efficiency.

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HPCFLOW allows you flexibility

atNorth additionally acquires on premise clusters to help customers free up budget to deploy a smarter, efficiency optimized HPCFLOW HPC & AI cluster at any scale.

Acquire clusters from our pool of on demand resources, compute optimized clusters that offer both CPU and GPU based compute power, delivered as bare metal resources with high speed interconnect and performance optimized storage

Work with our infrastructure engineering team that works with industry leading hardware providers to craft a price / performance optimized HPC & AI cluster on your behalf. atNorth then provides you your optimized cluster as a Service” with an SLA that fits your needs.

Benefits of HPC Cluster as a Service

Monthly billing

With flexible OPEX based billing, customers can benefit from a more predictable. 

Flexible clusters

Elastic, purpose-built HPC & AI clusters that can be scaled in line with seasonal workload spikes or new projects.

Tailor made Cluster as a Service

The Experienced atNorth infrastructure team in collaboration with leading hardware vendors can provide you with your cluster architecture as a Service.

Budget Support

The atNorth team acquires your legacy on premise infrastructure to allow you to deploy in a smarter, more flexible and efficiency optimized manner with HPCFLOW.

Optimal HPC architecture for your workloads

atNorth’s clusters are designed for compute and GPU-intensive workloads; ideal for visualisation, Big Data analytics, genomic sequencing etc.

Dedicated engineering support

Be assured of 247 engineering support to ensure continuous operations of your cluster operations.

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HPC & AI Managed Services

As part of our data center services we can offer customers full management of your HPC & AI clusters located on our premises.

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