HPC & AI as a Service

Supercharge your team’s productivity with as-a-Service

HPCFLOW HPC-as-a-Service is a fully managed HPC & AI Cluster. HPC & AI as a Service means that atNorth’s dedicated HPC & AI engineering team fully manages your HPC & AI cluster, supports and collaborates with your admin or CAE team, and takes care of the operating environment fine-tuning it for optimal performance. This allows you to solely focus on the results from your HPC & AI operations and not worry about the underlying HPC, for example, constant capacity or the extra capacity required for peak demand. 

HPCFLOW HPC & AI as a Service means that you can supercharge your team’s productivity and focus entirely on the best outcomes from your simulation applications for your business in a flexible way.

HPCFLOW allows you flexibility

Free up budget. Deploy a smarter, efficiently optimized HPCFLOW HPC & AI cluster at any scale.
On-demand resources

Acquire clusters from our pool of on-demand resources, compute-optimized clusters that offer both CPU and GPU based compute power, delivered as bare-metal resources with high speed interconnect and performance-optimized storage

Optimized clusters to suit your needs

Work with our infrastructure engineering team alongside industry-leading hardware providers to craft a price-performance optimized HPC & AI cluster on your behalf. atNorth then provides your optimized cluster as a Service” with an SLA that fits your needs.

Benefits of HPC as a Service

Budget Support

The atNorth team acquires your legacy on premise infrastructure to allow you to deploy in a smarter, more flexible and optimized manner with HPCFLOW

Monthly billing

With flexible OPEX-based billing, customers can benefit from a more predictable cost structure.

Optimal HPC & AI architecture for your workloads

atNorth’s clusters are designed for compute and GPU-intensive workloads, ideal for Artificial Intelligence, Visualization, Big Data analytics, genomic sequencing, and more.

Dedicated engineering support & monitoring

247 engineering support to ensure continuity of your cluster operations.

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