Intel® Partner Alliance Promotion

Terms and Conditions

1) This Promotion is governed by these terms and conditions (“Promotion Terms”), and the terms and conditions of Intel® Partner Alliance, including Appendix B, Intel® Points Terms and Conditions (“Program Terms”), which are incorporated herein and available at: www​.intel​.com/​c​o​n​t​e​n​t​/​w​w​w​/​u​s​/​e​n​/​p​a​r​t​n​e​r​-​a​l​l​i​a​n​c​e​/​l​e​g​a​l​/​p​r​o​g​r​a​m​-​t​e​r​m​s​-​a​n​d​-​c​o​n​d​i​t​i​o​n​s​.html. The Promotion Terms and the Program Terms are collectively, the Rules”.

2) This Promotion is effective between February 15th and December 31st 2021, (the Promotion Period”), available to active Titanium, Gold, and Member tier Partners, who are part of the OEM, Solution Provider, Service Integrator, Independent Software Vendor, or Cloud and Communications Service Provider role(s) of Intel® Partner Alliance in EMEA who opt-in to this promotion at https://​atnorth​.com/​e​a​r​n​-​i​n​t​e​l​-​p​a​r​t​n​e​r​-​a​l​l​i​a​n​c​e​-​p​o​i​n​t​s​-​w​i​t​h​-​h​p​cflow (“Eligible Partners”).

3) Intel will award Eligible Partners the following points for purchases of the services listed below (“Qualifying Service”) during the Promotion Period:


Points value

atNorth HPCFlow based on Intel® Xeon® Platinum 9242 Processors

500pts per node per year

award pro-rata every month

(1 node has 2 x Intel® Xeon 9242 Processors)

4) In this Promotion the relevant date used for establishing the Points earned for the purchase of any Qualifying Service is the invoice date* for the Qualifying Service. Intel will award Points under this Promotion within 60 (sixty) days of the end of the Promotion Period, subject to Eligible Partner’s compliance with the Rules.

5) Eligible Partners may:

  1. combine this Promotion with other points offers, except as otherwise stated by Intel;
  2. not transfer points under this Promotion; and
  3. not receive cash alternatives for points under this Promotion.

6) Without prejudice to any right and remedy provided for in the Rules and any other right and remedy available at law, if an Eligible Partner does not comply with the Rules, Intel may:

  1. withhold the Points that would otherwise be awarded to Eligible Partner under the Promotion;
  2. adjust the number of Points to be awarded to Eligible Partner under the Promotion;
  3. refuse to allow redemption of Points awarded under the Promotion;
  4. set – off the entire (or part) value of the Points awarded under the Promotion that Eligible Partner has redeemed, against Eligible Partner’s existing or future credit claims; and/​or
  5. obtain reimbursement of the entire (or part) value of the Points awarded to Eligible Partner under the Promotion that Eligible Partner has redeemed.

7) The English language version of the Rules shall prevail over any translation. If there is a conflict between the Promotion Terms and the Program Terms, the Promotion Terms shall prevail. The terms of any Intel trademark license agreement(s) and/​or Intel logo license agreement(s) shall prevail over the Promotion Terms with respect to the subject matter of such agreement(s). Intel’s standard terms and conditions of sale shall govern any purchase or redemption of Points for Intel products made between the Eligible Partner and Intel and shall prevail over any other agreements unless in writing and signed by an authorized representative of Intel.

8) Capitalized terms which are not defined in these Promotion Terms shall have the meaning given to them in the Program Terms.

9) Eligible Partner’s acceptance of the Points in this Promotion indicates Eligible Partner’s acceptance to the Promotion Terms.

10) Intel reserves the right to modify, suspend or terminate the Promotion at any time and for any reason with immediate effect, without prejudice to any rights that have already accrued under the Promotion but with no further liability, by giving notice in any form to Customer.

*For purchases being reported via SMS tool, the date reported will be used as invoice date.

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