Earn Intel® Partner Alliance points with hpcflow

atNorth is the first Intel® Partner Alliance partner enabled to award points on Intel-based Cloud Services. This means that if you are an EMEA Intel Partner Alliance partner you can earn and spend your points when purchasing atNorth’s HPCaaS services.

hpcflow is our groundbreaking HPC as a Service platform, it allows you to run instantly your most demanding HPC, Simulation and AI workloads achieving maximum performance. With hpcflow you can minimize your time to compute as you don’t to worry for any on premise hardware issues. hpcflow runs on Intel® Xeon Platinum 9200 Scalable Processors.

You can leverage this opportunity by purchasing hpcflow services.

A base 3 months contract for a 1 Node solution (96 cores, 2TB Storage) will allow you to earn 125 points. You can multiply the number of points by scaling up to a larger cluster or a to longer contract. As an example, a one-year contract for the same 1 Node solution will grant you 500 points, a 1‑year contract for a 10 Nodes cluster (960 Cores, 10 TB Storage) 5000 points, and so on.

You must be eligible to earn points as part of Intel Partner Alliance.

If you already have earned points you can spend them on a voucher to use towards one of the hpcflow service levels.

Please fill out the below form, including your Intel Partner Alliance account number, to opt-in to this earning opportunity.

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