2MS - Mining Made Simple

2MS is a flexible Mining as a Service plan where mining equipment and operations are all included and our team makes sure your mining operations are running at full performance, managing and maintaining equipment as well as handling the mining optimization and payouts.

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Outline your investment capacity and we will set up mining scenarios that have fast returns

Configure your 2MS mining operation with Advania Data Centers mining experts

We set up and get your mining operation started and performance tune miners

We monitor and maintain your mining operation to ensure maximum returns on investment

Only when you have recovered your investment you pay additional service fees

That is how Advania Data Centers is mutually invested with you to maximize returns

Included in 2MS

Some call 2MS the Cryptocurrency Investor plan and they are right to do so as 2MS can be considered the Cryptocurrency Mining Autopilot where all aspects of the mining operation are handled by atNorth team of mining experts that have years of operational mining experience.

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