Ultra Efficient Colocation

DCSmart gives you the ultimate flexibility to get the most cost efficient colocation for your infrastructure. We add redundancy to the facilities based on an evaluation of your workload’s needs to reach the most cost and operationally efficient solution available and lower your TCO. DCSmart is a modular colocation solution where we build to our customers need.

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Any Scale

We work with customers from a few kW to wholesale buildings or halls that can accommodate multi MW infrastructure.

Application Solution Architecture

We work with enterprise customers to find the most cost and operationally optimized data center solution for their workload

Certified, Secure and Carbon Free

Flexible colocation design and ISO 27001 certification ensures reliability and physical security of our infrastructure while only using 100% renewable, carbon free energy.

More Compute

Increased operational and cost optimization releases budget for more compute infrastructure, enabling faster execution abilities.

More Compute

Flexible Colocation Data Center

Our flexible data center facilities are the world’s most cost and power efficient colocation services. By leveraging reliable power distribution, we can offer extremely lean colocation services that rely on a single power feed and network connection to cut the cost of operations. Data center optimized climate and innovative data center design allows us to offer direct air cooling with a PUE value of 1.03. Whether you are looking for one or more racks, customizable 100 or 200 kW POD’s or a multi MV wholesale data center, we can help you get up and running fast in a both cost and operationally efficient manner.

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