HPC Trial Benchmarks

Try out different types of CPUs and GPUs for your workload. Test our HPC clusters with our HPC-as-a-Service. Trial HPCFLOW and let us showcase the value the platform can bring to optimize your operations.

HPCFLOW Benchmark Program

Apply for the HPCFLOW benchmark program to give a true HPC cloud a test drive.

HPCFLOW features elastic HPC infrastructure that is available as a reserved resource or on demand. When used on demand, it can complement your off-premise or on-premise HPC clusters to address variable workloads or temporary spikes.

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The Software as a Service (SaaS) stack for ANSYS leverages our unique cluster provisioning and management capabilities, developed in partnership with Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and includes UberCloud's production-ready ANSYS software containers with full GUI capabilities, providing a no-learning-needed cloud experience.

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NVIDIA Test Drive

Take a free test drive of NVIDIA® Tesla® GPU accelerators and run your applications faster than ever before—up to 10X higher performance than a CPU. You can run your own code or try one of the preloaded applications such as Caffe/AlexNet, VASP, HOOMD-blue, COSMO, MILC, Amber, and HACC.

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Advania Data Centers has partnered with Numeca to provide on-demand access to their CFD and multiphysics software via our HPCFLOW service and UberCloud containers. This includes access to all major NUMECA software packages, such as:

  • FINE™/Marine
  • FINE™/Turbo
  • FINE™/Design3D
  • AutoMesh™
  • FINE™/Open with OpenLabs

Sign up for a Proof of Concept (PoC) today to see how cloud-based access to Numeca CFD and multiphysics software can streamline your design and engineering projects.

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