HPCFLOW: IaaS Clusters

HPCFLOW IaaS clusters enable the missing piece of Hybrid HPC, available as dedicated clusters or pure on demand where you only pay for what you use. HPCFLOW allows you the ultimate AI & HPC cluster elasticity and flexibility.

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Cluster 2.0

Don’t disrupt your existing cluster workflow, enterprise customers continue using their AI & HPC clusters, worry free with HPCFLOW.

Flexible Cluster

HPCFLOW provides customers with elastic, purpose built AI & HPC clusters that can scale in line with seasonable workload spikes or new projects.

Engineering Support

Expert engineering support ensures maximum output of HPCFLOW cluster investments and engineering time.

Monthly OPEX

HPCFLOW clusters have flexible OPEX based billing models that align with our enterprise customer’s needs.

AI & HPC One-Stop-Shop

Architecture, procurement, deployment, performance tuning, operations, monitoring, maintenance, support and more is all included in HPCFLOW AI & HPCaaS

Out Pace the Cloud

HPCFLOW clusters out pace any public cloud in performance, cost and security control without effecting infrastructure scalability.

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