Mining Colocation

Why atNorth are trusted by the world’s leading mining operators

atNorth have been offering mining infrastructure services since 2013. Our data center facilities are built from the ground-up and are extremely energy-efficient.

Through our infrastructure portfolio, we can offer you operating conditions that allow you to run clusters with unparalleled efficiency and reliability. atNorth can run servers with maximum compute throughput, all powered with renewable energy from hydro and geothermal power plants. 

We leverage the favorable Nordic climate and innovative data center facilities design to provide energy-efficient air cooling. This is why some of the world’s leading mining operations trust atNorth with their mining infrastructure.

Infrastructure custom-built for miners

Any Scale

We work with customers from 100kW to wholesale buildings or halls that can accommodate multi MW infrastructure.

Any Miner

ASIC GPU, we work with our customers to find the most cost and operationally optimized data center solution for their mining operations.

Reliability, Security and Sustainability

Our flexible data center design and ISO 27001 certification ensures reliability and physical security of our infrastructure while only using 100% renewable energy.

247 Expert Support

Our team has extensive experience in mining operations and maintenance that ensures maximum hashrate to optimize hardware investments and minimize downtime.

Service levels

atNorth’s cryptocurrency mining services come in four tiers. Our four service levels represent increasing levels of expert atNorth involvement in implementing the mining operations and operating the mining rigs themselves.
Wholesale DC

Wholesale DC services represent a mining-at-scale solution utilizing atNorth’s ultra power-efficient data center infrastructure using atNorth’s energy and power distribution contracts for optimum miner flexibility.

Miner Hosting Basic

Miner Hosting Basic is the next level up from the Wholesale DC service. At Colocation Basic level, miners are hosting their hardware and leveraging atNorth’s industry-leading power and cooling infrastructure.

Miner Hosting Plus

Miner Hosting Plus bundles the Hosting Basic plan with atNorth’s own mining operations staff to streamline on-the-ground operations at atNorth’s Nordic data center locations.


Hashrate is Mining as a Service” package, a flexible service plan in which mining operations and equipment are included. atNorth manages and maintains the mining rigs, optimizes operations and coordinates payouts.

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