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Colocation Services that Deliver Performance and Efficiency for Today’s Competitive Enterprises

Colocation from Racks to Pods to Data Halls and Buildings; we have the capacity and know-how to meet your requirements.

atNorth‘s colocation services deliver performance and efficiency when you need to right-size your data center infrastructure, navigate a complex hybrid environment, and drive value all at the same time.
We are here to scale alongside our customers with our tailored colocation facilities that offer the flexibitilty to host any workload at any scale. 

Our solutions are designed to accommodate today‘s high density hardware enterprise environments to increase power density and drive cost optimization. Fueled by the abundant renewable power sources of the Nordics, our facilities manage the most demanding of workloads with sustainability at the forefront to reduce overall costs and your carbon footprint. 

Colocate your business and the earth will thank you for.


Our Colocation Services


Designed for your Needs


Spending too much time running your servers on prem? Running low on cooling and power, or resilience in connectivity?

atNorth‘s services are designed to free up your resources to focus on core activities so we can take expert care of the operational details.


If your data center project needs its own floorplan, power density, security protocols or resilience level and fire zones, let‘s talk.

We offer a consultative, tailored, engineer-led approach for delivering on time and on budget.

Questions? We’re here to help.

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Reasons our Customers Choose atNorth

One Stop Shop for your Colocation Needs
Power Effectiveness

All our data centers have a 
PUE value of 1.2 or lower.

Savings & ROI

Low PUE, efficient and competitive power prices.


Multiple security features for compliance and complete piece of mind.

Sustainable Solutions

Decarbonizing your IT infrastructure with our strategically placed sites that can use, and reuse, renewable energy in our future-proofed data centers.

Hybrid Colocation

Utilize atNorth’s abundant resources for all your Colocation and HPC needs.


atNorth’s data centers offer multiple connectivity options to ensure today’s globally-dispersed organizations are always on.

Our Data Centers

Learn more about atNorth’s Pan-Nordic campuses located in Iceland, Finland and in Sweden

Colocation Services Pricing

For simple, scalable high quality data center capacity, discover more about sustainable colocation services in Iceland, Finland and Sweden.

Our services are always on, with 100% uptime and best-in-class security features for compliance and peace of mind.

Every rack comes with 247 expert engineer support and carbon-tracked reporting. 

More compute for your money.

Find out more about atNorth’s sustainable approach

atNorth is pushing the boundaries of what sustainable IT means, combining its decarbonizing platform with uncompromising performance. Our passion for sustainability touches every corner of our business to provide our enterprise customers ith a pathway to low-carbon operations.

We actively support the circular economy and seek to build our data centers in regions where the rate of renewable energy is at its highest and that can cater for the best energy efficiency. atNorth sites are built from the ground up to ensure that energy use is minimized across every campus.

Want to find out how our colocation services can improve operational efficiency and lower your TCO?

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Nordic Colocation Insights

Future-proofed colocation offering extreme compute


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