Banking in the Era of Sustainability”

atNorth talks to Future Banking TV

In the latest episode of Future Banking TV, Christopher Watts and his team explore why sustainability is now a key issue in modern banking. Banks must demonstrate impeccable sustainability credentials and one way of doing that is by closing large in-house data centers to move to a hybrid compute environment.”

They visit Paris to meet leading financial institution BNP Paribas CIB. Chief Sustainability Officer, Constance Chalchat, who introduces us to the bank’s approach. Following this, they took their crew to Iceland where natural advantages such as renewable energy make leading Icelandic data center operator atNorth a natural partner for banks to locate a portion of their global server footprint”. They meet Ricardo Jantarada, the bank’s Head of Telecom & Datacenter Operations, as well as Gisli Kr, Chief Commercial Officer of atNorth. 

Also in Iceland, the crew interviewed Minister for Foreign Affairs, Thordis Kolbrun, on how the Government of Iceland’s commitment to promoting innovation across all spheres of enterprise gels so well with Iceland’s natural advantages to make the country an ideal location for data centers.

atNorth is a leading Nordic data center services company offering environmentally responsible, power-efficient, cost-optimized data center hosting facilities and high-performance computing services. atNorth offers sustainable, and extremely scalable HPC resources fully delivered as-a-Service enabling our customers to focus on their simulation applications and calculations without having to worry about the underlying HPC infrastructure.

Our goal is simple. To deliver​“More Compute” to our customers. By leveraging innovative data center design, power efficiency and intelligent cluster operations, atNorth is the data center company of choice for businesses wanting to reduce overall TCO, increase efficiency, and secure the future of longer-term infrastructure deployments.

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