Why atNorth?

atNorth means More Compute

atNorth is a leading Nordic data center services company offering environmentally responsible, power-efficient, cost-optimized data center hosting facilities and high-performance computing services. atNorth offers sustainable, and extremely scalable HPC resources fully delivered as-a-Service enabling our customers to focus on their simulation applications and calculations without having to worry about the underlying HPC infrastructure.

Our goal is simple. To deliver “More Compute” to our customers. By leveraging innovative data center design, power efficiency and intelligent cluster operations, atNorth is the data center company of choice for businesses wanting to reduce overall TCO, increase efficiency, and secure the future of longer-term infrastructure deployments.

Our Approach

Our Mission

We help our customers to build high performance compute solutions at any scale for a fast-growing market. We are a disruptive force pushing the boundaries of existing solutions to attain increased efficiency and performance for our customers. All our data centers use only renewable energy resources and are optimized for high energy efficiency.

Our Vision

To offer more compute for a better world.

Our Culture

We are proud of fostering a culture where our talented colleagues find smart, reliable end-to-end solutions that can be deployed rapidly for our customers. atNorth is a fast-growing company that operates at a fast pace for customers that trust our teams for their most critical workloads and most valuable data.

Diverse workloads

No two days are the same with atNorth. Some projects might involve a simple server hosting request, whereas other projects require serious power and cooling requirements, and others require managing complex production clusters, or developing engineering projects for HPC infrastructure solutions.

Commitment to innovation

We are a team of passionate data center, high performance computing and AI infrastructre professionals that are solution-oriented and innovative in our approach to services. We take seriously the trust that some of the world’s largest enterprises put on our shoulders – and we repay that trust by taking the stress out of handling complex projects, delivering fast, and exceeding expectations.