atNorth and Advania have a partnership around data center facility operations, hosting, and services. On behalf of customers, atNorth and Advania provide solution architecture, network optimization. atNorth’s ability to execute for customers is amplified with Advania’s engineering support and services.

Altair offers software and cloud solutions in areas such as product development and data analytics, as well as HPC. atNorth have partnered with Altair to help their customers effectively accelerate and manage their workloads. Within a collaboration partnership with Altair, atNorth provides HPCFLOW access via Altair PBS Works for additional capacity and deployment of compute resources beyond on-premise clusters in a true hybrid environment. See the latest articles about Altair.

Offering 3D design and computer aided engineering (CAE) simulation software, Ansys solutions are the go-to CAE application for the industry. Through a long-standing partnership with Ansys, atNorth has optimized HPCFLOW offerings to run Ansys software and provides the compute resources needed to efficiently run these solutions. atNorth additionally provides performance tuning, experience, and extensive knowhow to optimize Ansys license investments for customers.

Cadence’s, previously NUMECA, computational fluid dynamics (CFD), multiphysics, and optimization solutions enable challenging modelling and simulation workloads. atNorth’s clusters have been optimized to run NUMECA applications; the strategic partnership with NUMECA ensures access and knowhow for NUMECA users to achieve great price-performance and utilize licence investments in an optimized manner.
Cadence utilizes atNorth’s HPCflow, HPC & AI as a Service to develop next-generation CFD solutions, run consultancy workloads and put the HPCflow clusters to the test. See the latest articles about NUMECA.

From 2018 atNorth and Dell have partnered to provide Dell customers with unmatched price performance, reliability, and sustainability. atNorth’s engineering teams work with Dell to deliver tailor-made infrastructure that matches customer needs and leverages the efficient design of atNorth's data center facilities that deliver the lowest TCO worldwide.

atNorth have since 2015 been in a strategic partnership with Hewlett Packard Enterprise to pioneer an HPC and AI as a Service offering to take HPC and AI to the next step of consumable and flexible cluster capacity. atNorth facilitates the first HPE Center of Excellence dedicated to hybrid HPC & AI. atNorth’s partnership with HPE means that customers can take advantage of the flexibility of HPC & AI as a Service to combine base workloads with access to additional resources available on demand.

atNorth’s HPC & AI clusters utilize HPE Apollo and HPE ProLiant clusters integrated with high speed interconnect to allow us to seamlessly scale clusters up and down as needed to accommodate our customers’ resource demands and keep costs to a minimum.

atNorth were the industry’s first technology company to launch a HPC as a Service based on Intel® Xeon® Platinum 9200 processors. Through our long-standing partnership with Intel, we can provide customers with a choice of HPC & AI infrastructure built on Intel’s Select Solutions for HPC & AI – preconfigured HPC stacks designed and optimized for compute-intensive workloads such as visualization, simulation, modelling, genomic analytics, deep learning, machine learning and artificial intelligence. atNorth are proudly an Intel® Partner Alliance solution provider, where Intel partners customers can earn and spend their Intel points on our HPCaaS solutions. See the Intel Marketplace for more information.

atNorth partnered with NVIDIA to operate the Nordic region’s first GPU Test Drive Center driven by NVIDIA Tensor Core GPUs. Through atNorth’s Thor DC Data Center campus, the Test Drive Center is ideally suited for customers looking to test applications to the performance levels you can only achieve through GPU acceleration.

Through HPCFLOW, our HPCaaS offering, you can consume NVIDIA® Tesla® GPU accelerators either from atNorth’s available NVIDIA powered nodes or your tailor-made GPU node or cluster, made to order by the atNorth HPC & AI engineering team.