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Cost-efficient colocation solutions such as racks, cages and private areas to Build-to-Suit for all your data center needs; with 100% uptime, always running.


Advanced computing services for High Performance Computing & Artificial Intelligence. Our solutions range from Turnkey to Tailor Made clusters and Managed Services.


All our data centers and services are powered by 100% renewable energy, leading the way to efficient, sustainable digital infrastructure the Nordics since 2010

Why choose atNorth

The home of sustainable, cost efficient, data centers in the Nordics
Savings & ROI

Lowest prices on the market for a better return on investment. Find better prices? Challenge us!

Lower your Carbon Footprint

The electricity that powers our data centers only comes from 100% renewable sources energy.

Faster Time to Market

Instant available capacity to improve productivity for your engineering teams to launch faster.


Multiple security features for compliance and complete piece of mind.

Expert Support

247 expert support on-hand to ensure your infrastructure operations are continuously performing.


All atNorth data centers are interconnected with multiple options of connectivity to the world from the Nordics to the World!

Our Data Centers

Learn more about atNorth’s Pan-Nordic campuses located in Iceland and in Stockholm, Sweden

Our Partners

atNorth partners with leading companies to bring you the best technologies available on the market
Dell Technologies

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